Building Powerful and Qualitative Engineer through Practicing Impactful Habits

  1. Identify the habit you want to change. Identify the Cue, which leads to behavior like smoking. Do you smoke at a particular time or location or along with particular people? Try to avoid cue next time. Don’t go to the location where you smoke, or plan another activity at that location.
  2. Implement the changes in you routine. Be Motivated to routinely follow the new behavior of not smoking at the location or doing something else like having green tea instead of smoking.
  3. Recognize the reward. Let yourself know what you are gaining out of the change in your behavior. Like not smoking will help your energy levels or relieve you of smokers cough.
  1. James Clear’s Atomic Habits, briefed about Habits through Cue, Routine and Reward
  2. Hal Elrod’s “The Miracle Morning”, briefed about forming habits in the early morning (6AM-8AM) by following concept called SAVERS (S-Silence/ A- Affirmations/ V-Visualization/ E-Exercise/ R-Reading/ S-Scribing
  3. Robin Sharma’s “5AM Club”- Forming Habits in the early hours, specifically at 5 AM, following concept called Victory Hour, 20:20:20 rule (1st 20: The Moving Session, Exercise/ 2nd 20: Reflection, writing your thoughts and To-Do List and 3rd 20: The Growth- Reading Books or Newspapers etc.)




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Karthik Raju

Karthik Raju

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